Nanticoke River


Below are photos taken at the Seaford Boat Landing on January 10, 2007 between 12:30 and 1:15 PM. The tug in the photos attempted to maneuver 2 large barges (one loaded with sand and the other with rock) at the same time. Click on an image to see a slide show of how the Nanticoke River is affected. Notice the turbulence created by the prop wash and the sediment and mud being churned up.  This went on for over 30 minutes, luckily there was not anyone trying to put a boat in at the ramp.  The end result was that the tug pushed the barges back into their original location? There was no obvious reason for all of this!  Just another example of what is happening to the Nanticoke River.

Nanticoke River At Seaford

Barge Photos