River or Highway???


Facts: According to the Barge Companies and Sussex County Representatives:

1) Goods transported by barge traffic on the Nanticoke River represents the equivalent of 90,000 tractor/trailers per year.

2) This would equal over 245 tractor/trailers per day - or - 1 tractor/trailer every 6 minutes on a Delaware road.

Add to this the number of pleasure boats on the Nanticoke River and you have a significant amount of vessel traffic.

Citizens alone cannot stop the damage. The U.S. Coast Guard is making a significant effort to deal with Tug operators that do not report accidents. However, the Corps of Engineers is responsible for maintaining the navigation channel on the river. So they need to become  involved and find ways to restrict tugs and barges to the navigation channel and away from damaged shorelines. DREDGING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED UNTIL THIS HAPPENS.

DNREC has the contacts and political pull to become involved as an advocate for the Nanticoke River, its environment and private property. But, so far, DNREC has not taken a leadership role and become actively involved.


During the 2007 Thanksgiving Holidays there were 4 tugs (3 of which are shown here) and at least 7 barges on the Nanticoke River in Seaford - at the same time!! Considering the sizes of the barges (some approaching 400 feet in length), can such massive vehicles be maneuvered in such a small area without damaging the river?  Who monitors barge activity on the Nanticoke River??