Below are examples of how barges damage the Nanticoke River.  The first five photos below show a tug forcing a barge sideways in order to turn it around in one of the narrowest areas of the Nanticoke River at Seaford. Forcefully turning a loaded 300 foot long barge around in a much smaller navigation channel is bound to result in damage to the river bottom. The sediment that is displaced then flows down river to the Chesapeake Bay. Tug operators are supposed to report groundings to the U.S. Coast Guard. Do you think that this type of intentional grounding is ever reported???

    The damaged shoreline shown in the last four photos on this page demonstrate what happens when a barge slams into the river bottom.  This damage was done at high tide, and is only visible at low tide. However, there was no report of a grounding filed by a barge/tug with the U.S. Coast Guard. The current will eventually wash away the evidence -- to the Chesapeake Bay - at what cost to the river and the Bay? Click on the slide show icon or a photo to see a full screen version of the images.  Please click the email icon at the bottom of this page if you have information about any tug/barge damaging the river or its shoreline.

Damage to the Nanticoke / Chesapeake Bay