An Example of the Harm Being Caused

After years of abuse from barge collisions with the shoreline and pounding by boat wakes, we started contacting County, State and Federal officials (and the Barge companies) in 2004 about problems and damage to our river bank. In June, 2006 our river bank finally collapsed during the torrential rains in June, 2006.

Now, 4 years and many thousands of dollars later, all of the permits have been issued (see Who Knows  and  Nanticoke River Regulations ). However, there were delays even when all was thought to be done.  The Soil Conservation folks decided at the last minute that we needed a permit and inspections from that agency -- cost, another $1,750.00, three weeks delay and yet to be determined Engineering costs for engineers to meeting with Soil Conservation, go over the plans and supply Soil Conservation with copies of plans and specifications. Also, Soil Conservation had to have an on-site meeting with the selected contractor. But that was not the end, a silt curtain was required in the work area (even though the bank had been caving in for years from marine vessel abuse). The contractor had a 5’ high silt curtain they could supply at no charge -- however, Soil Conservation required a 9’ high silt curtain? Add another $7,000.00.

We have no idea what will come next, but past history does not suggest optimism!

Meadville Land Services is the selected contractor and they are now starting work. Come back soon for photos of work progress.