Barge Grounding 12/22/08


On Monday, December 22, 2008 a barge being pushed by the Tug Gram-me ran aground on the Nanticoke River between channel markers 56 and 57.  See below photos and videos.  WARNING - THE VIDEO FILES ARE VERY LARGE.

Update 1/6/09 = I have been told that the Tug captain said that he was out of line going into the turn of the river and was going to come too close to the river bank. So he intentionally let the barge go over to the shoreline, then dis-engaged the tug and re-positioned the Tug to remove the barge from the river bank so that the shoreline would not be damaged. The tug operator did not report the grounding and (since the grounding was intentional and did not cause over $25,000.00 in visible damage) reporting was not required by the US Coast Guard.

SO, tugs/barges on the Nanticoke River now have a free pass -- just report groundings as “intentional to protect the river”.

Do you believe the above explanation for the 12/22/08 grounding? There have been too many tug/barge accidents on the Nanticoke River. This would not be allowed on our highways for a single tractor/trailer. However, barges carrying the equivalent of 150 tractor/trailer loads of material do not have to be concerned with such safety measures.